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Stop Putting Up With Deep Wrinkles – Dr. Brian Evans


For some people, the fact that they have wrinkle lines on their face or around their eyes does not present much of a problem to them. Wrinkles may be affectionately referred to as being “laughter lines”, “care lines” and “crow’s feet” – wrinkles are a part of growing older which most will have to face up to sooner or later in time. For the very elderly, it almost seems to be a part of their character that they will have wrinkles – many a young child is fascinated that grandma not only has wrinkles but that she can also take out her teeth.

A combination of genetic disposition, lifestyle and habits will contribute to whether or not wrinkles may start forming at an early age. It is definitely true that wrinkles are regarded as a sign of aging, and that we live in a society which does prioritize youth and glamour as being desirable. It is however not vanity or a desire to cling to lost youth which makes it attractive to people to try and minimize the appearance of wrinkles – in fact you could say that in principle, ironing out your wrinkles is no different to ironing your clothes. Everyone wants to look fresh and clean and to make a good impression – attending to your appearance is only one of many social things that we do.


Particularly, for important social occasions, people like to look their best and getting something done about wrinkles is often on the list of things to do in preparation for a wedding, engagement party, birthday party, family gathering and all manner of social events. Many people do not want to have cosmetic surgery they simply want to camouflage their wrinkles for the day so they can look their best.


Cosmetics which improve the appearance of wrinkles include many proprietary brands of face and eye cream, and creams for the hands and the feet. Face creams can be those worn lightly during the day, providing protection from ultra violet sun rays, against dehydration of the skin, and providing a barrier against grime and pollutants, or richer, nourishing face creams to be left on overnight. Almond, macadamia and many different oils are contained in face creams that reduce the appearance of wrinkles by softening the skin. Various facial scrubs which contain oil and herbal essences can also be used to make sure that the face is completely clean also help to reduce tension in muscles and relax the skin.


Cremes intended to reduce the appearance of wrinkles often contain elastin and collagen, both of which are products which occur naturally in the skin – with elastin contributing to the flexibility of your skin, and collagen providing its texture and shape. If you use face creams with elastin and collagen in them, over a period of a few weeks you can expect to see an improvement in the generally quality of your skin.


Wrinkle creams also often contain Retinol, which will relax the skin and discourage the appearance of wrinkles. Light wrinkle creams are used around the eyes, because the skin surrounding the eyes is very delicate and needs to be treated with care. Often to enhance the features of the eyes, wrinkle creams will contain light reflecting pigments which tend to reduce the shadows that can appear under the eyes, and create a brighter appearance wherever this light reflecting cream is used.



For more details you can consult Dr. Brian Evans MD.
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