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Useful Breast Fat Transfer Information by Dr. Brian Evans

The breast fat transfer intervention is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures. In addition to this, the techniques that can be used are numerous, most of them requiring an incision of approximately 4 cm that will provide the surgeon with full access to the fat that is to be extracted.

The size of the breasts can cause numerous complexes in most women and may even influence their sexual life. Because of this, most of them cannot stand the pressure and decide to get in touch with a professional plastic surgeon in the shortest time. If you find yourself in such a situation, you should know that breast fat transfer is usually considered safer than silicones, because of the lack of foreign materials introduced in the body.

The very first step of the breast fat transfer intervention involves a liposuction procedure performed for extracting the fat. The areas involved are different and can range from buttocks to thighs. Once the surgeon finishes the extraction, one or more injections are then made in the body of the patient. Perhaps the most important advantage of this kind of operation is the lack of scarring. In addition to this, since the procedure involves a single incision, the duration is shorter than in other complicated plastic surgery interventions.

Sagging is a very common problem that can be solved with a breast fat transfer operation. Researchers have recently found out that most women experiencing serious issues with the size of their breasts are motivated to undergo this kind of surgery, instead of the most popular silicone implant method. This is also because of the fact that there is no risk for fat rejection, since it is part of the same organism.

What you should also know before taking your final decision is that the final results can also increase the position of your breasts, especially if you also require a breast lifting intervention. The results are impressive for most patients and, on top of all, no marks are left on the breasts.

Finally, there are also patients who regard the breast fat transfer intervention as the ideal solution for eliminating fat from the abdomen and thighs. The area of the breasts will not be subject to any cuts, while the incisions will only cause some small traces which will vanish completely a few months after the intervention.

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